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shoul i ße happy or not¿

i guess today i am startin' to handle with this journal thing...
ßut there is not any style of site here.. or i gotta search a little ßit more..
on the other hand it is not so ßad to write here...
i dont think that i am in my good mood...
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hi~ if you ever adding 7flywing, then pls add me 4inman. Cos 7flywing was my old lj and I no longer post in there. I was abit suprised when saw 7flywing in your friend list.. haha.. Nice to know you anyway. lol sex machine~ ;P
eheh... i sometimes, actually alwiz add users when i am drunk.. .so u mite me the one that i added in drunk mood...LOL 'coz i again am adding u... am i drunk ...damn.. how can i know¿
ok stay in drunk then.
*give you more beer*
i ve spilitted some of ma ßeer ... damn
heya. i've added u (hope u don't mind). If u have a look at my journal, you will probably know who i am, i was in Istanbul last week :). Go go, go on with writing :).
do i mind.. haha.. dont think so...urwelcome...
good luck abdullah...
hadi bakalım lülü seni
hey man...punmpkin mistress is maren...than she had already gone to german...And kime welcome diosun gencoo yener...
lol Dude i know tha she is MAren... ahah u foolish Casanova... ummm such jealous guy u are .... punmpkin seni xa
oi you're talking about me :p ................:...:::::::::::: :D
hey there
i noticed you added me
so im adding you back (:
glad tha u added me back LOL
hey man...why are u looking your right and i am looking my left.oyun sağ partileremi yani bumudur...
rasshitizm... sadizm.. budizm...
ama gotizm... goth goth godak seni