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darktrinities Volume:2 :P


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daha xeni refreshledim... anında online sın xani.. .ßu ne hız.... ßirasdan gelcem oraxa kıxafet felam alcam ok¿.. ßi de kuaföre gitches...
herzaman onlineım .)
hoshgeldin... :)
türkçexi nasıl ßiliosun¿... rusya ne alaka we de ruscha... LOL
merhaba! :)
I came here via via, and saw that your turkish too :)
I dont know why I leave this comment, maybe because im going
to istanbul this year.
well.. thats it :)
yups.... gel gel ßekleris... sanki ßise geliosun eheh.... ummm nerden geliosun peki¿.. nie soreuosam... dunno
oooooh *shame on me*
mu turkish isnt that good :s
but im going to my family yeah, and they are from istanbul!
yeah shame on ya hehe... lol then when u gonna visit istanߵl huh¿.... ߥ my guest.. >:)
uhmm in july :)
in the neighbourhood floriya?
something like that :)
is it okay if ill add you?
sure u can add hun... i guess it is Florya.... c ya soon then... keep in touch... LOL
aight :D hahaha